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What is Qtum

Qtum is a cryptocurrency that uses consesus algorithem called MPoS and it combines ethereum’s smart contract functionality with bitcoin’s security to create a coin that is suitable for adoption by large organizations.

Proof of Stake

You can earn rewards from the blockchain by staking to a super staker. Rewards from the blockchain will be distributed to you from the blockchain.


Only UTXO which is greater than 100 QTUM and only mature coins will be staked. Your coins will be matured for staking after 501 confirmations on the blockchain. Note: Splitting your coins will reset maturity.


Rewards will be distributed to you immediately when you get selected to mint the block. Since rewards are automatically distributed from the blockchain, there is no need to “claim rewards”.


You can send and receive tokens freely while staking. There is no lock period, no restriction to send and receive, you do not need to unstake.