Today, Moonstake announced its partnership with Quras that allows staking pool participants to stake XQC to earn XQG.

Moonstake is in the process of establishing the requisite technical environment to operate as a node with full cooperation by Quras.

“Moonstake is delighted to welcome Quaras to the Moonstake family. Our growth and acceleration in client development is evidence of a robust staking marketplace and we aspire to be one of the industry leaders in helping shape this industry,” said Alex Hui, Director of Moonstake.

Quras will provide public relations and technology support. Moonstake’s partner Binarystar, which runs Japan’s biggest Blockchain Business Hub in Tokyo, has agreed to enter into this partnership to support these activities by hosting events and overseeing community development.

“Staking is a great opportunity to join the ecosystem through blockchain validation. Also, joining a staking pool simply helps to add more active users for us. We have been considering which pool to partner with as our first. The Moonstake team is established from a professional team with experience, which was just what we were looking for,” explained Ken Misuma, CMO of Quras. “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Moonstake.”

Quras has a strong community in Japan and through this partnership together with Binarystar, Moonstake anticipates further cooperation in building its presence in the Japanese market.